Towac Pinnacle and Picnic Area

The rocky summit of the Towac Pinnacle in the foreground, with views over cultivated agricultural land Location Pinnacle Road, approximately 12 km South West from Orange. Statement of Significance The Towac Pinnacle is a significant geological formation. The Towac Pinnacle Picnic Area is a place of historic and aesthetic significance and is a Schedule 8... Continue Reading →

Significant Trees: Campbell’s Corner

Cypress, Cedars, Crab Apple and Oaks of Campbell’s Corner, Pinnacle Road. Location Campbell’s Corner, Pinnacle Road, approximately 8 km south west of Orange. Tree Species Cypress (Chamaecyparis sp.) Cedars (Cedrus sp.) Crab Apples (Prunus sp.) Oaks (Quercus sp.) Physical Description The dense foliage of the many Conifer species frame views into the park and provides... Continue Reading →

Campbell’s Corner

Location Campbell’s Corner, Pinnacle Road, approximately 8 km South West of Orange. Statement of Significance Campbell’s Corner is a small memorial park located along a road deviation on Pinnacle Road. The reserve has historical and landscape significance, both as a memorial and flora park. The flora park was developed by Victor Campbell, a landscape architect,... Continue Reading →

Significant Trees: Gosling Creek System

The broad canopy of Cedar (left), contrasts to the narrow upright form of the Giant Sequoia (right). Location Gosling Creek Reserve. Pinnacle Road (approximately 9 km west of Orange). Tree Species Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) Cedar (Cedrus sp. ) Physical Description Trees are prominent as they are situated in a area of a majority of... Continue Reading →

Objects and Elements: Gosling Creek System (B)

Gosling Creek Reserve: Pedestrian/Cycle Way One of the major recreational features of the reserve is the pedestrian and cycle ways that have been developed around Gosling Creek Reservoir. The major pathway will link into a regional pathway currently under development. Scar Tree Cadia Road and Forest Road intersection. Located opposite Gosling Creek, this scar tree... Continue Reading →

Gosling Creek System (A)

Location Gosling Creek (between Spring Creek Reservoir and Cadia Road). Statement of Significance The watercourse of this section of Gosling Creek has significance attached to its history; the engineering works associated with Spring Creek and Gosling Creek Reservoirs; the changing environment of its reserves; and as a recreational space. Gosling Creek Reservoir was opened in... Continue Reading →

Significant Trees: Lake Canobolas

Location Pinnacle Road (approximately 9 km west of Orange). Tree Species Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) Cedar (Cedrus sp.) Physical Description The Cedars are spectacular trees easily recognisable with their conical form and bright yellow/green foliage. The broad canopies of the Cedars provide shade and visual amenity to visitors of the dam. The mature Radiata Pines... Continue Reading →

Lake Canobolas

Lake Canobolas, looking toward the dam walls and showing the grassed foreshore areas Location Pinnacle Road (approximately 9 km West of Orange) Statement of Significance Lake Canobolas is a man-made body of water that was originally formed when Meadow Creek was dammed in 1918 to provide water for the expanding township of Orange. In the... Continue Reading →

Significant Trees: TAFE Driveway

Driveway of TAFE Rural Studies Annexe, Forest Road. Location: Driveway of TAFE Rural Studies Annexe, Forest Road. Tree Species: Cypress (Cupressus sp.) Physical Description: Large specimens at entry of driveway, this particular large specimen at entry of the TAFE driveway. Statement of Significance This mass planting of Cypress form a significant aesthetic feature within the TAFE site. The... Continue Reading →

Forest Road West

The now disused drive-in theatre, viewed from Forest Road Location: Western side of Forest Road (between Sharp Road and Cadia Road) Statement of Significance Along the Western side of Forest Road is a grouping of fairly disparate elements that together form a distinctive rural-urban fringe landscape. These are: the extensive native plantings of the TAFE Driveway;... Continue Reading →

Residential Trees: Racecourse Road

Location No. 2 Racecourse Road. Tree Species Magnolia (Magnolia sp.) Physical Description A Magnolia located in the front yard of the residence, a species regarded highly for their ornamental flowers. This particular species is a healthy specimen with glossy green leaves and rounded habit. Residential Tree Statements This Magnolia has an attractive ornamental flower that... Continue Reading →

Towac Park Racecourse

Location Racecourse Road, approximately 3 km South West of the Orange CBD. Statement of Significance Towac Park Racecourse was developed in 1870 and a grandstand was built six years later. Fire destroyed the timber Members Stand in 1973. The Timber Grandstand, Pavilion and entry avenue are listed as a Schedule 8 Heritage Items of Local... Continue Reading →

The Rail System

Location Main Western Railway, running North and South through the Local Government Area, and the Orange Broken Hill Railway, running West from Orange. Statement of Significance The railway line is examined here as a “linear landscape”. The railway line is a feature of the landscape in both urban and rural areas and forms a significant... Continue Reading →


he quarry site on Racecourse Road, viewed from adjacent to the railway line Location Racecourse Road, adjacent to the Orange Broken Hill Rail Line. Statement of Significance The former quarry site forms a distinctive post-industrial landscape within the suburban fringe of Orange. The quarry site is characterised by large areas of exposed basalt bedrock. Water... Continue Reading →

The Springs

Location Crown Land West of the TAFE, accessed via Shiralee Road, approximately 4 km South of the Orange CBD. Statement of Significance From around the 1920s to 1940s the site located near a number of dams/waterholes on the Southern fringes of the town and known as “The Springs” developed as a transient settlement. The Springs... Continue Reading →

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