Significant Trees: Lake Canobolas

Location Pinnacle Road (approximately 9 km west of Orange).

Tree Species Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) Cedar (Cedrus sp.)

Physical Description The Cedars are spectacular trees easily recognisable with their conical form and bright yellow/green foliage. The broad canopies of the Cedars provide shade and visual amenity to visitors of the dam. The mature Radiata Pines which are located at various points around the dam, differ in habit from the many ornamental/deciduous trees. The Pines have an erect form with deadwood occurring in many of the species.

Statement of Significance

lake-canobolas11The lake and its surrounds are of aesthetic significance for the picturesque setting of the lake, with its range of mature and semi-mature exotic plantings. The grouping of Radiata Pines on the eastern side of the dam form a significant presence on the skyline. Mature Oak, Cedar, Silver Birch and Poplars provide shade and visual amenity for the picnic/ recreation area on the foreshore of the dam and contribute visually through a contrast of forms and foliage colour.

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