Significant Trees: Gosling Creek System

The broad canopy of Cedar (left), contrasts to the narrow upright form of the Giant
Sequoia (right).

Location Gosling Creek Reserve. Pinnacle Road (approximately 9 km west of Orange).

Tree Species Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) Cedar (Cedrus sp. )

Physical Description Trees are prominent as they are situated in a area of a majority of native trees. Large specimens at entry of Reserve. Stand out due to being in cleared area, majority of other trees being native. Possibly planted at time of opening of dam.

Statement of Significance

The dam wall was completed in 1890 and spans the Eastern end of the reservoir. The two trees were believed to be planted at the time of the opening of the dam, therefore they have historical significance.

The trees are also significant for their visual prominence within the largely cleared landscape of the surrounding part of Gosling Creek Reserve.

Associated documents: Environmental Partnerships for Orange City Council, “Gosling Creek Reserve: Masterplan Report,” July 2001.

Scar Tree, Gosling Creek
Scar Tree

Location Cadia Road and Forest Road Intersection.

Tree Species Scar Tree (Eucalyptus sp.)

Physical Description Located opposite Gosling Creek, this mature scar tree (others in the area) has a tall open canopy of narrow, grey/green, drooping leaves.

Statement of Significance

This tree is believed to be a scar tree of social and cultural significance to the local Wiradjuri people.

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