Significant Trees: Campbell’s Corner

Cypress, Cedars, Crab Apple and Oaks of Campbell’s Corner, Pinnacle Road.

Location Campbell’s Corner, Pinnacle Road, approximately 8 km south west of Orange.

Tree Species Cypress (Chamaecyparis sp.) Cedars (Cedrus sp.) Crab Apples (Prunus sp.) Oaks (Quercus sp.)

Physical Description The dense foliage of the many Conifer species frame views into the park and provides a distinctive feature, with their contrasting deciduous colours. The bright yellow/green foliage of the Chamaecyparis contrasts with that of the deciduous Cedars.

Statement of Significance

The park includes a range of mature exotic tree species whose aesthetic significance derives from the combined effect of the massed plantings, which provides contrasts of form, foliage and colour. The tree grouping also has an historic and memorial significance as the park is dedicated to Victor Campbell (see Place: Campbell’s Corner). Associated Heritage Listing: Campbell’s Corner is a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of Regional Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan. 2000.

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