Campbell’s Corner

Campbell’s Corner viewed from Pinnacle Road
Campbell’s Corner viewed from Pinnacle Road

Location Campbell’s Corner, Pinnacle Road, approximately 8 km South West of Orange.

Statement of Significance

Campbell’s Corner is a small memorial park located along a road deviation on Pinnacle Road. The reserve has historical and landscape significance, both as a memorial and flora park.

The flora park was developed by Victor Campbell, a landscape architect, and was dedicated as a memorial to Victor and his wife Ivy in 1966. A plaque at the site reads:

This plaque represents an expression of appreciation by Canobolas Shire Council to Victor Campbell for services rendered in fostering and encouraging the creation of many beauty spots throughout the shire.

Campbell’s Corner is planted with a variety of species of exotic cold climate species that provide a contrast of foliage that is particularly spectacular in Autumn.

Campbell’s Corner is a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of Regional Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

Objects and Elements: Campbell’s Corner

Exotic Tree Plantings -Pinnacle road
Exotic Tree Plantings -Pinnacle road

Exotic Tree Plantings

A mixed exotic garden including deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs including Cypress, Cedars, Prunus and Oaks. The dense foliage of Conifer species frames views into the park from Pinnacle Road.

Memorial Pinnacle road
Memorial Pinnacle road


The memorial to Ivy and Victor Campbell features river washed stones in a range of shapes and colours. Two bronze memorial plaques are set into the monument.



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