Significant Trees: Spring Hill

Location Left side of Millthorpe Road, south of Orange.

Tree Species Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)

Spring Hill hawthorn2Physical Description A dense compact grouping of Hawthorn hedges are located parallel to Millthorpe Road. Colourful foliage is produced during Autumn. Die back is occurring on many of the hedges, which will need to be removed.

Statement of Significance This stand of Hawthorns is indicative of the use of hawthorns in rural Australia as an inexpensive and compact hedging plant. This stand has personal social significance for the Boud family as cuttings for the hawthorns are believed to have been carried out to Australia from Ireland by the family forebears. The trees are symbolic of the way that connections to one’s country of origin can be sustained through tree plantings.

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