Significant Trees: Frederick’s Valley

Phoenix Mine Road7

Location Highland Heritage Estate and Winery, Mitchell Highway.

Tree Species Oak trees (Quercus sp.)

Physical Description Two Oaks located at either side of the entry, provide a feature entry to the estate. The trees are healthy specimens with densely leafed branches, which provide good shade and visual amenity.

Statement of Significance The Oak trees form a prominent visual entry statement. As the Oaks continue to mature their visual significance within the landscape will increase. The position of the Oaks adjacent to the Mitchell Highway adds means that these trees form an important landmark on the approach to Orange.


Phoenix Mine Road8Location Newman Lane (next to Church), Lucknow, a place within the Precinct of Frederick’s Valley.

Tree Species Walnut Tree (Juglans regia)

Physical Description The Walnut tree is located next to St. John’s Anglican Church, Newman Street. The tree has a low spreading habit, consisting of dense, bright green foliage.

Statement of Significance The Walnut tree is of a compact habit and contributes to the picturesque character of the adjacent historic church. Associated document: Sommerville, Joytl for Orange City Council, “Lucknow Village Heritage Analysis and Development Guidelines,” 1996.

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