Significant Trees: Banjo Paterson Memorial Park

Location Banjo Paterson Memorial Park, Orphir Road, approximately 6 km north east of Orange.

Tree Species Oak tree (Quercus sp.) Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)

Physical Description Two mature Oak trees with a typical broad form and dense branch structure. The Hawthorn specimen trees are showing evidence of die back and lower branch formation due to stress. Tree form and viability of the Hawthorns is deteriorating.

Statement of Significance The Oak trees have an associative historic significance. The planting of the exotic trees provides the only surviving visible evidence of the past presence of a dwelling, believed to be the Narrambla Homestead, the birthplace of Andrew “Banjo Paterson”. The trees are a prominent visual feature of the park, which has social value for Banjo Paterson interest groups.

Associated Heritage Listings: The Templar’s Mill ruins and Banjo Paterson Memorial, are a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of State Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

Associated documents: “Paterson Memorial Park, Narrambla, Orange: Conservation Management Plan” Ian Jack Heritage Consulting Pty Ltd for Orange City Council, 2004.

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