Forest Road West

The now disused drive-in theatre, viewed from Forest Road

Location: Western side of Forest Road (between Sharp Road and Cadia Road)

Statement of Significance

Along the Western side of Forest Road is a grouping of fairly disparate
elements that together form a distinctive rural-urban fringe landscape.
These are: the extensive native plantings of the TAFE Driveway; the
former tip site; and the old drive-in theatre.

Objects and Elements: Forest Road West

former-tip-siteFormer Tip Site

The hilly landform of the former tip site has significance as an altered landscape. The site closed in 1963 when the Ophir Road site opened and re-vegetation work has been carried out since. The site has an associative significance for the itinerant worker’s camp at The Springs providing a ready source of building materials. The community consultation process has identified the former tip site as having significance as a landscape feature.

TAFE DrivewayTAFE Driveway (opposite Sir Jack Brabham Park)

The driveway leading into the TAFE Rural Studies Campus on Forest Road has been extensively planted with a range of native species. The formation represents
a departure from the linear avenue and windbreak plantings that are common throughout the district.

Disused drive-in theatre, Forest Road, Orange NSW
The now disused drive-in theatre, viewed from Forest Road

Former Drive-In Theatre (opposite Bloomfield Hospital)

The large screen structure of the drive-in theatre is a significant cultural feature of the Forest Road landscape as it is associated with an important entertainment
medium of the late 1960s and 1970s. The community consultation process identified this site as having significance.

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