Clifton Grove

Clifton Grove
Small open paddocks and immature trees are characteristic of the Clifton Grove area

Location North East of Orange, located East of Ophir Road and North of Summer Hill Creek.

Statement of Significance

Clifton Grove is a rural residential subdivision which receives its name from the original homestead. Clifton Grove is significant as one of the first planned rural residential estates in NSW. The subdivision plan was given approval in the 1970s when the area was under the control of Canobolas Shire Council as a way to utilise marginal agricultural land. The rural residential subdivision responded to the cultural trend for hobby farms and the “tree change” lifestyle. The area is now characterised by a housing mix that dates from the late 1970s to the present.

Clifton Grove is visually separated from Orange by the hill line to the North East of Orange. Small paddocks on 2 to 5 hectare residential lots, small patches of remnant vegetation and immature exotic and native trees and shrubs characterise the landscape. It is anticipated that the landscape character will change as the immature shrubs and trees reach maturity.

Clifton Grove was identified through the community consultation process as a significant feature of the Orange Local Government Area Landscape.

Objects and Elements: Clifton Grove

Exotic and Native Species

Clifton Grove1The area is characterised by a mix of natives, such as Eucalypts, and exotics like Conifers, Hawthorns and Poplars. Many of the trees have not yet reached maturity. Post and rail fences are a common feature of the road frontage throughout the suburb.

Hobby Farms

Clifton Grove2The landscape is characterised by rural residential lots, with a large number of hobby farms.

Original Clifton Grove Homestead

The homestead 1845 of the property that comprised much of the subdivision area still stands today. The homestead is a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of State Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

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