Bathurst Road Memorial Avenue

memorial ave
Lone Pine, corner of Lone Pine Avenue and Bathurst Road
bathurst road
Cedrus deodara planted as a WWI memorial planting on Bathurst Road

Location Bathurst Road (between McLachlan Street and Redmond Place).

Statement of Significance

Memorial Avenue is a commemorative landscape and a distinctive feature of the approach to Orange from Bathurst. The original avenue planting of Cedrus deodara dates from 1923 when they were planted as a memorial to the Orange residents who had died fighting in WWI.

The avenue was later extended to include recognition of the nurses who had served during WWI. The planting culminates with the Lone Pine, propagated from the Pine famously brought back to Australia from Gallipoli, at the intersection of Lone Pine Avenue and Bathurst Road. A plaque on a low masonry wall in front of the tree records the donation of the tree by the Orange Sub-Branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (RS & SILA).

Aside from their memorial functions the plantings have a visual significance within the landscape of this South Eastern approach to Orange. Lone Pine forms a singular and interesting feature within the landscape with its spreading growth pattern and dense foliage.

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