Residential Trees: Racecourse Road

Towac Park Racecourse treesLocation No. 2 Racecourse Road.

Tree Species Magnolia (Magnolia sp.)

Physical Description A Magnolia located in the front yard of the residence, a species regarded highly for their ornamental flowers. This particular species is a healthy specimen with glossy green leaves and rounded habit.

Residential Tree Statements This Magnolia has an attractive ornamental flower that the community consultation process established as having value to local residents.


Towac Park Racecourse pineLocation No. 72 Racecourse Road.

Tree Species Stone Pine (Pinus pinea)

Physical Description Large specimen at entry of driveway, this particular species has a flattened crown atop a leaning trunk with furrowed, reddish grey bark.

Residential Tree Statements This Stone Pine is located within a corner residential block and has a visual presence to the streetscape.

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