Precinct: Frederick’s Valley

Frederick’s Valley looking South from Lucknow towards Shadforth

Location Frederick’s Valley – between Lucknow and Shadforth on the Bathurst Road (Mitchell Highway).

Statement of Significance

The valley between Shadforth and Chinaman’s Bend has a unique landscape and offers views along its length. The valley is narrow and elongated along the Summer Hill Creek with the Mitchell Highway also traversing the valley floor. In addition to the creek and Highway, the remnants of an old Cobb and Co trail forms another lineal element along the valley and although is not easily seen from the Highway it has an association with the shape of the valley.

The cleared slopes rising from the valley floor are scarred with erosion from tree felling and provide a hint to the valley’s mining past. The valley is defined by the rising hills to the East and West and terminated by high points at Chinaman’s Bend and the Southern entry to Lucknow, adjoining the remnant poppet head.

Frederick’s Valley is one of the significant landscape features that contributes to the sense of arrival into Orange and introduces the city’s mining history.

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