Wiare Subdivision

The streetscape of Green Lane

Location Bounded by Ploughman’s Lane, Wentworth Golf Club, and Kinross Wolaroi (PLC Site). (A place within the Garden Suburbs of West Orange.)

Statement of Significance

This area was subdivided under the name Wiare in the early 1970s and follows a similar garden suburb approach to Westlea. This area is characterised by the non-grid pattern of the street layout, the extensive street planting and the deep road reserve separating the houses from the street. The inclusion of public open space in Wiare is a testament to the importance placed on publicly accessible green space by garden suburb planning.

Objects and Elements: Wiare Subdivision


Wiare2Typically, houses are set back a considerable distance from the street and landscaping is used to delineate front boundaries.

Exotic and Native Planting Mix

Wiare3A mixture of exotic species, such as Conifers and Hawthorns, and native species, such as remnant and planted Eucalypts impart a landscape character that is distinctly different from the almost exclusive use of exotics in Central Orange.


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