Westlea Residential Subdivision

The edge of Westlea, viewed from Coronation Drive

Location Subdivision bounded by Forbes Road, Ploughman’s Lane, Wirrabarra Walk and Coronation Drive. (A place within the Garden Suburbs Precinct of West Orange.)

Statement of Significance

This subdivision is an example of the “garden suburb” approach to planning. The area was subdivided during the early 1960s by local surveying firms, with road works beginning in 1961. Riawena Oval was dedicated as a park for cricket in the subdivision plan and the centre of the circular section of Birinta Place was originally planned as a site for a church but was subdivided instead. It was the first area in Orange to be laid out under the garden suburb planning philosophy. The novel street layout of the octagonal Larela Circuit is indicative of the garden suburb approach. The garden suburb approach can also be seen in the way that the streets generally follow the topography of the area.

This area was identified as having significance by the community through the community consultation process.

Objects and Elements: Westlea Residential Subdivision

Riawena Oval

Westlea1In the original subdivision plans this oval was set aside as a dedicated cricket oval, for which it continues to be used today.


Westlea2The streetscape is typical of the garden suburb approach. An absence of front fences and wide verges creates a blurring of the boundary between public and private space.



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