Views of Windbreaks

Location Windbreaks, generally located throughout the Local Government Area but predominantly on the elevated plateau to the South.

Radiata Pine windbreak

Statement of Significance

Windbreaks are a characteristic feature of the rural lands within Orange City, they are particularly prevalent in the Southern areas of the city on the elevated plateau. The lack of relief in landform on the plateau emphasises the patterns of windbreaks which are scattered throughout the region. The use of Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodar), Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata) and Lombardy Poplars (Populus nigra italica) is frequent and they can form impressive visual features on the landscape. The use of Hawthorn hedges was common in the past as a windbreak, although now they are considered a weed and are generally being substituted with more appropriate species.

Example of Hawthorn windbreak near Spring Hill
Example of Hawthorn windbreak near
Spring Hill
Poplars as a windbreak
Example of Poplars as a windbreak on Cadia Road
conifer windbreak
Example of conifer windbreak on Cadia Road
Windbreaks near Lucknow
Windbreaks near Lucknow create patterns over the landscape

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