The Springs

The Springs
The site showing one of the dams/waterholes

Location Crown Land West of the TAFE, accessed via Shiralee Road, approximately 4 km South of the Orange CBD.

Statement of Significance

From around the 1920s to 1940s the site located near a number of dams/waterholes on the Southern fringes of the town and known as “The Springs” developed as a transient settlement. The Springs was a site where those subject to the Aborigines Protection Act 1909-1969 could congregate. However, the community camp comprised both Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals who were often employed in seasonal work on the nearby farms, picking cherries, apples, peas, beans and digging potatoes. The site is said to have comprised more permanent huts and humpees which were augmented by tents set up during the fruit picking season. The camp is mainly remembered from the 1930s to 1940s and an oral history by Wiradjuri Elder Joyce Williams recorded in Wellington in 2000 is a key source for the history of the site.

The Springs2Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council (OLALC) points out that the social significance of the site lies in the cooperation and valued relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people experienced at The Springs. The Springs has been identified by the Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council as a site worthy of archaeological investigation. The site was identified as a significant landscape feature through the community consultation process.

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