Sir Jack Brabham Park and Bloomfield Hospital

The boundary between Jack Brabham Park and Bloomfield Hospital is planted with Pinus radiata and Populus nigra var italica

Location Forest Road (between Huntley Road and Bloomfield Road).

Statement of Significance

Located on the Southern edge of the city, the landscape of this precinct includes historically, aesthetically and socially significant places. The institutional landscape of Bloomfield is contrasted by the recreational space of Sir Jack Brabham Park, with its aeronautical and motor racing histories; yet the two spaces are linked within the landscape by a visual continuity arising from the areas of open space and similar plant treatments.

Jack Brabham Park2
Playing fields at Sir Jack Brabham Park set up in Winter for soccer

Location Between Forest Road and Huntley Road, a place within Sir Jack Brabham Park and Bloomfield Hospital Precinct.

Statement of Significance

The site is historically significant for its use over the twentieth century as an air field, race track and, now, playing fields.

Orange’s first airport, known as Bloomfield, was opened on the site in February 1938. The air field was built by men on employment relief schemes during the depression years. The air field was used during WWII by the Royal Australian Air Force and the Parkes Air Training School for the practice of difficult take-offs and landings. However, it was never used by a regional airline and closed when Spring Hill Airport opened in 1961.

Gnoo Blas race track circuit surrounding Bloomfield Hospital was opened in 1953. It was recognised as one of the fastest tracks of its type in Australia, drawing crowds and prominent drivers, such as Jack Brabham, to the circuit. Local enthusiasts have now placed corner and straight names around the track to preserve the link to the site’s history.

Jack Brabham Park now has a social significance for Orange as a popular ground for organised sports.

Objects and Elements: Sir Jack Brabham Park

Orange Insignia

Jack Brabham Park3A large insignia was used as a landing aid when the park was used as an air field and has been preserved as part of the current Sir Jack Brabham Park. It provides a tangible link to the history of the site.

Sports Fields

Jack Brabham Park2The park features large playing fields that are used for a range of organised sports.

Planting Patterns

Bloomfield Hospital7A double row of Oaks and Poplars (pictured) form a contrast of foliage and form along the Forest Road frontage. On the Eastern side of the park predominantly native species such as Eucalyptus viminalis and Eucalyptus cinerea have been used.

Gnoo Blas Race Track

Jack Brabham Park6The old Gnoo Blas circuit forms a continuous feature of the landscape around the parkland and provides tangible links to the history of the site.

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