Significant Trees: Ploughman’s Lane

Ploughman6Location Ploughman’s Lane (between The Escort Way and Canobolas Road), West of Orange.

Tree Species Lombardy Poplar (Populus nigra cv. ‘Italica’).

Physical Description Tall narrow trunked tree with numerous branches starting from ground level. Some examples of wind damage to western facing trees.

PloughmanStatement of Significance The poplars have an aesthetic significance for the strong lineal distinction they provide between the townscape and the rural landscape. The relationship of the poplars to the surrounding landscape varies depending on the season: in summer the dense foliage of the closely planted poplars screens the views of the surrounding landscape. Views are possible in winter.

Ploughman8Location Wentworth Golf Club, Ploughman’s Lane.

Tree Species Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.) Cedars (Cedrus sp.)

Physical Description Eclectic mix of semi mature/mature Pines and native Eucalyptus.

Statement of Significance The plantings are a key aspect of this man-made landscape. Ploughman7The planting grouping is indicative of a European shaping of the landscape. The trees contribute to the amenity of the golf course.

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