Significant Trees: Orange Showground


Sequoia2Location Between Pavilion buildings and Leeds Parade, approximately 2 km North East of the Orange CBD.

Tree Species Sequoia (Sequoiadendron sp.) Lombardy Poplar (Populus nigra cv. ‘Italica’)

Physical Description Typical examples of mixed exotic tree’s including the Lombardy Poplar which are showing healthy growth and Sequoiadendron sp., which have lower branch die back.

Statement of Significance The plantings along Leeds Parade visually signal the location of the showground withSequoiain the landscape. The trees mark the entrance to the showground, which has a social and historic significance associated with the agricultural and social life of Orange.

Associated Heritage Listing: Dalton’s Pavilion and the Agricultural Pavilion at the Orange Showground are Schedule 8 Heritage Items of Local significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

English Oak elfLocation Environmental Learning Facility – Leeds Parade, approximately 2 km North East of the Orange CBD.

English Oak1Tree Species English Oak (Quercus robur)

Physical Description Two large healthy specimens showing good branch and vegetation structure with no visible scarring to trunk or branches. Trees provide good shade and dappled light penetration.

Statement of Significance Aesthetically significant for their form; the Oaks are also valued for their shade in summer. The Oaks form an integral part of the permaculture garden at the Environmental Learning Facility. The tree has an informal social significance for the ELF Community as the group meet under the tree.

Oak trees Caravan ParkLocation ‘Orange City Caravan Park, corner of Margaret and William Street.

Tree Species Oak trees (Quercus sp.)

Oak trees Caravan Park2Physical Description Located on the boundary of the Orange City Caravan Park, the dense foliage of the Oak trees provide shelter in the heat of summer for campers.

Statement of Significance The mature Oaks are an aesthetically significant feature with a good form and seasonal colour. The Oaks also provide amenity for the camping ground and caravan site.

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