Significant Trees: Memory Park

Memory Park treesLocation Memory Park. Icely Road and Bathurst Road.

Tree Species Lombardy Poplar (Populus nigra cv. ‘Italica’)

Physical Description Healthy mature specimens with tall trunks and many branches from the ground up. Trees create a ‘soldier’ effect of straight lines.

Statement of Significance

The Poplars were planted beginning in Memory Park 11935 for each former Mayor of Orange and are each individually significant for this Civic memorial function. The combined effect of memorial planting is socially significant as it expresses the social importance placed on the office of Mayor in Orange.



Memory Park3Location Memory Park. Icely Road and Bathurst Road.

Tree Species Oak (Quercus sp.)

Physical Description The Oak tree is a mature specimen with a broad form and dense branch structure. It is a key feature, providing shade in summer for people utilising the park.

Statement of Significance The Oak tree has a commemorative function as it was planted as a jubilee tribute to King George V, which is socially significant as a symbol of the strong cultural connection between Britain and Australia in 1935.


Memory ParkLocation Memory Park. Icely Road and Bathurst Road.

Tree Species Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara)

Physical Description The Deodar Cedars line Bathurst Road providing a commemorative function. The mature specimens exhibit a pyramidal shape with green foliage.

Statement of Significance The Deodar Cedars were planted in 1923 as a memorial to those Orange residents who lost their lives in WWI. The Cedars therefore have a personal and community memorial function giving the trees a social significance.

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