Resource Recovery Centre

The main entry to the Resource Recovery Centre features landscaped areas in keeping with the environmentally friendly objectives of the facility

Location Ophir Road, 5 km North East of the Orange CBD.

Statement of Significance

The Resource Recovery Centre is a culturally and environmentally significant part of the Orange landscape. A community based public art program, entitled “Waste Not”, has been created for the site. The program has involved local artists and students from a number of different educational institutions in the area. The artworks are visible from the road and are a defining feature of the site. As well as being artworks in their own right, the public art program serves to draw attention to the innovative environmental approach to waste management of the Resource Recovery Centre. The centre includes a number of recycling and reuse initiatives that aim to provide a more sustainable approach to waste management.

Objects and Elements: Resource Recovery Centre

“Marble Man”, Canobolas Rural Technology High School

marble ManThis sculptural work responds to a story from Orange’s history in which a life sized marble man was supposedly pulled out of a quarry at Kerr’s Creek in 1889 and toured the freak show circuit for many years before disappearing in the 1930s. The idea and designs for the works were developed by Year 10 students who then helped Ralph Tickerpae in its development and construction.

“Patchwork”, Anson Street School

ResourceRecovery-patchworkAdjacent to the main entrance, the works represent the orchards and produce of the area through a patterning of patchwork shapes.

ResourceRecovery-Land Line”“Land Line”

Installed on a rise are twenty works each representing a 15 year period of Australian history. Twenty students from the Western Institute of TAFE each worked to develop an artwork under tutor Gabriella Hegyes.


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