Ploughman’s Lane

The avenue planting of poplars on Ploughman’s Lane

Location Ploughman’s Lane (between The Escort Way and Canobolas Road), West of Orange.

Statement of Significance

Ploughman’s Lane has significance as a linear landscape that serves to divide suburban Orange in the East from the rural fringe in the West. The lane is framed on either side by an avenue of Poplars. Contrasts of landscape character are apparent to either side of the lane with small rural lots, garden suburb style subdivisions, Wentworth Golf Club and a wetland area all adjacent to the lane. These diverse landscapes are given a sense of unity by the avenue of poplars.

The community consultation process identified Ploughman’s Lane as having significance as a landscape feature.

Objects and Elements: Ploughman’s Lane

Melyra HomesteadMelyra Homestead, Ploughman’s Lane

The homestead of Melyra is a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of Local Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

Wentworth Golf Club

Ploughman5Wentworth Golf Course opened in mid-1964 and since that time over 600 Pine trees and 300 Eucalypts have been planted as both aesthetic elements and windbreaks.

Avenue of Poplars

PloughmanThe avenue is a distinguishing feature of the streetscape and has been identified as significant through the community consultation process.

Ploughman’s Lane Wetland

Identified through the community consultation process as a significant aspect of the Orange landscape.

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