Place: Summer Street Commercial Area


Summer Street, between Lords Place and Sale Street, part of the Precinct of Central Orange.

Statement of Significance

The commercial area of Summer Street forms a significant aspect of the Orange townscape. The DCP notes that whilst Summer Street had a harmony of architectural styles and scale in the early 20th Century, this effect has been reduced due to modernisation efforts of the mid-twentieth century. Summer Street currently forms the main route of the Mitchell Highway through Orange. The use of Summer Street as the main route of the Highway dates from the very early days of the town. The Cobb and Co route also ran along Summer Street. The streetscape is characterised by a wide use of landscaped garden beds along the median strip and adjacent to the footpath. Deciduous trees are used at various points along the street and provide a seasonal variation to the streetscape.

Objects and Elements: Summer Street Commercial Area

The streetscape of Summer Street Commercial Area
The streetscape of Summer Street Commercial Area

Orange Post Office

The Post Office imparts a stately character over the main street. It was designed by colonial architect, James Barnett (who also designed the Court House) in the Victorian Free Classical Style and constructed in 1879. The Post Office is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register and is a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of State Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

bronzePavement inlaysBronze Pavement Inlays (corner of Summer Street and Lords Place)

A characteristic feature at the pedestrian level is the bronze inlays in the pavement. Some uncertainty exists over the origin of the bronze lettering, with some holding that they were removed from the façade of the Rose Marie café that once stood near the site, whilst other sources indicate that they formed part of the original road markings. The community consultation process identified the markings as a significant part of the urban landscape.

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