Orange Showground

Mature vegetation lines the ridgeline behind the group of Showground buildings

Location Leeds Parade, approximately 2 km North East of the Orange CBD.

Statement of Significance

Located toward the North Eastern outskirts of town, the Showground has been an important site for the agricultural and social life of the town since it was developed in 1908.

The entry gate is flanked by mature remnant Eucalypts, and Poplars whilst other exotics line the road. This mature tree line accentuates the line of the road and of the ridge on which the buildings are sited. This mature vegetation is in contrast to the open fields of the Showground. Pavilions, some bearing the names of prominent Orange families, line the slight ridge along the roadside. The open spaces of the Showground are indicative of the constant fluctuations of activity.

Apart from its role as a site of agricultural and social events, the Showground has also been used as a training camp for the Sixth Light Horse Brigade just prior to WWII and as an internment camp during WWII. The internment camp housed those perceived as an alien threat. Similar internment camps were established in Hay, NSW and Tatura, Victoria. Artist Ludwig Hirschfield-Mack was interned at Orange during which time he taught colour theory to the inmates and produced a number of woodblock prints, some of which are held in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Objects and Elements: Orange Showground

Pavilion Buildings

Pavilion Buildings

The Dalton and Agricultural Pavilions are Schedule 8 Heritage Items of Local Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000. Large mature native and exotic trees provide a border between the Showground buildings and Leeds Parade.

ELF Centre

ELF Centre (Environmental Learning Facility)

The Environmental Learning Facility provides a working model that aims to educate the community about ecologically sustainable lifestyles. In the foyer area is an indigenous mosaic artwork within the terrazzo flooring.


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