Memory Park

The memorial poplars of Memory Park are at left and the cedars of the Memorial Avenue plantings are at right

Location Icely Road and Bathurst Road.

Statement of Significance

Memory Park formed part of town planner Norman Weekes’ concept developed during the 1920s aimed at enhancing the entry points to Orange. Weekes’ original gateway concept involved another park on the opposite side of Bathurst Road to complement Memory Park, however, that part of the plan never eventuated.

Memory Park has significance for its memorial plantings which were started in May 1935 when Lombardy Poplars (Populus nigra var italica) were planted for every former mayor of Orange as well as an Oak tree as a jubilee tribute to King George V. The commemorative function of the park is continued by the Cedars (Cedrus deodara) of Memorial Avenue that adjoin the park to the South West. The dark evergreen foliage of the Cedars forms a contrast to the deciduous Lombardy Poplars of Memory Park. The commemorative function has been extended to include the recognition of the Lions service club.

Objects and Elements: Memory Park

Lombardy Poplars (Populus nigra var Italica)

TMemory ParkLombardy Poplarshe Poplars planted as a memorial to each Mayor of Orange form a linear pattern through the centre of the park.

Canobolas Council Monument

Memory Park monumentThis monument was erected in 1994 for the Councillors and Senior Staff who served on Canobolas Shire Council between 1906 and 1977 when it amalgamated with Orange City Council.

Lions Monument

Memory Park monument2This monument comprises a number of small bronze plaques set into the stone in memory of past Lions Club members.

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