Kinross Wolaroi

Kinross Wolaroi avenue planting
An avenue planting of mixed exotic trees frames the drive from the main gates up to the original Wolaroi house, now the main school building

Location Bathurst Road (between Cox Avenue and Icely Road), Bowen.

Statement of Significance

The heritage character of the grounds and main school building form an historically and aesthetically significant feature of the Orange townscape. The former mansion, now the main school building, is listed as a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of State Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000. The grounds feature mature exotic trees that are visible from the surrounding area and Bathurst Road.

Wolaroi House was designed by John Hale, giving it an historical association with other Hale designed buildings in the Eastern parts of Orange, such as Croagh Patrick and Bowen Terraces. Wolaroi was built in 1884 for J.C. McLachlan and converted to a school in 1893.

Objects and Elements: Kinross Wolaroi

Kinross Wolaroi2

Street Frontage

A characteristic feature of the townscape on the approach to Orange from Bathurst are the white gates and fence of Kinross Wolaroi School. The gates have an association with those at Cook Park as they were both made by R. Venables. Behind the fences, the lawns and mature exotic plants of the school grounds contribute to the streetscape.

Kinross Wolaroi3Wolaroi

Built in 1884 for John McLachlan and designed by John Hale, the turreted mansion was transformed into a school in 1893.

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