Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick
A circular garden ringed by the driveway provides a formal setting for the main house building

Location Park Street, Bowen.

Statement of Significance

Originally titled “Llanello”, the house and grounds of Croagh Patrick form an aesthetically and historically significant part of the townscape of Bowen. The house was built by Edwin Lane in 1883 to the design of John Hale, who also designed Wolaroi. By 1914 the house was in the possession of the Catholic Church and from 1929 was run as an orphanage under the name “Croagh Patrick”. Croagh Patrick has social significance for its role over many decades as an orphanage. Croagh Patrick is now occupied by OCTEC, a community based education and training facility.

Objects and Elements: Croagh Patrick

Agnes Mary GrottoAgnes Mary Grotto

Located adjacent to the main drive and providing a link to the historic involvement of the Catholic Church.


The house is a fine Victorian building. Its significance is indicated by its inclusion as a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of State Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

Croagh Patrick Driveway
Croagh Patrick Driveway

Driveway Approach

Avenue plantings comprising mature exotic and native species provide a grand entrance to the property and frame the view of the house from the street front. The axis of the driveway is aligned with the main entrance to the house. Immediately in front of the house is a garden and fountain bounded by the circuit formed by the driveway.

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