Coronation Drive

Coronation Drive near its starting point at Woodward Street

Location Coronation Drive (between Woodward Street and Cargo Road).

Statement of Significance

Coronation Drive is a commemorative drive characterised by avenue plantings in several different species. A plaque at the start of Coronation Drive near the intersection with Woodward Street indicates that Coronation Drive originally extended all the way to Lake Canobolas but recent road maps show Coronation Drive ending at Ploughman’s Lane. Coronation Drive forms a visually significant feature of this major approach road to Orange. The avenue planting forms a progression between exotic species, such as Oak Trees (Quercus ilex), closer to the town centre and native species further out toward the rural areas. Coronation Drive was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth on her coronation in 1953 and is historically significant as a reminder of the strong emotional and cultural links to Britain that were once crucial to our cultural identity.

Objects and Elements: Coronation Drive

Coronation Dr

Commemorative Plaque and Sign

Dedicates Coronation Drive to Queen Elizabeth on her coronation in 1953.

Coronation Dr2

Avenue Planting Pattern

Coronation Drive is planted with densely foliaged exotics along the Eastern to central sections of the drive.

Coronation Dr3

Avenue Planting Pattern

A mixture of exotic trees characterises the streetscape along the central sections of Coronation Drive.

Ecalyp AvenueAvenue Planting Pattern

Eucalypts characterise the avenue planting along the Western sections of Coronation Drive.

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