Newman Park

Plantings of exotic species date from the planting program of the 1890s

Location March Street (between Autumn and Nile Streets), Bowen. Approximately 1 km East of the Orange CBD.

Statement of Significance

The landscape of Newman Park has evolved to fulfil a range of social and cultural functions from commemoration to active recreation. Newman Park is a Schedule 8 Heritage Item of Regional Significance in the Orange Local Environment Plan 2000.

The park also has cultural associations for the Wiradjuri people. The site is said to have been a traditional meeting place for the Wiradjuri. It later became a site for blanket distribution from the 1850s onward. In the 1890s planting began in Newman Park and it became a site for civic occasions in East Orange when it was a separate municipality. After WWI, returned soldiers and pupils from East Orange Public School planted sixteen Oak trees in commemoration of the soldiers from the school who died in action during the war and regular ANZAC Day services have been held since.

The park is easily identified from the surrounding areas by the mature Radiata Pines (Pinus radiata) which are located at the highest point of the park.


Objects and Elements: Newman Park

National ServicemenNational Servicemen Memorial

A memorial to Australia’s National Servicemen was unveiled at the site in 2001 and forms a focal point for civic remembrance.

Survey of Significant LandscapesPlantings

During the 1890s avenues and stands of Oak, Elm, Cypress and Radiata Pine were planted. The Radiata Pines are visible throughout the surrounding area and contribute to the skyline of the Eastern parts of Orange. The exotic species provide a seasonal change of colour.


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