Avenue Plantings: Central Orange

Avenue Plantings_national ave
National Avenue
Avenue Plantings_byng st
Byng Street
Avenue Plantings_sampson
Sampson Street
Avenue Plantings_byng st2
Byng Street
Avenue Plantings_hill st2
Hill Street

Location Throughout Central Orange Precinct

Statement of Significance Key to the sense of place in the Central Orange Precinct is the high number of single species avenue plantings. The selected species have traditionally been exotic species and many of the street trees are mature specimens. The Register of the National Estate states that the mature street trees and parks combine with the heritage buildings to “tie the historic area into an admirable townscape” (www.heritage.gov.au/cgibin/ ahpi/record.pl?/RNE894).

The avenue format street plantings are central to the physical experience of place in the Central Orange Area. Views are framed by large trees and on many streets the canopy of the trees reach to meet over the street. The experience of moving through the streets is characterised by alternating between a sense of enclosure to one of openness where the trees are younger or absent. The experience also shifts depending on the time of year. Many of the trees are deciduous making the experience of the town spaces more open in winter.

The historic connections of the tree planting to the building of the town in the 19th century and the important role the trees play in the shaping of the experience of place in Central Orange lead to the combined effect of the many avenue plantings as quite a culturally significant one. The trees are firmly associated with both visitors’ and residents’ perceptions of Orange. The community consultation process revealed the high affection with which the residents view the avenue plantings of Central Orange.

Associated documents: Orange City Council DCP 2004.


Avenue Plantings_Fox ave
Fox Avenue
Avenue Plantings_summer
Summer Street
Avenue Plantings_kite
Kite Street
Avenue Plantings_matthews avet
Matthews Avenue
Avenue Plantings_Mclachlan st
McLachlan Street

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